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Finding Our Feet

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Working in Castleford, Airedale and Ferry Fryston and funded through the Empowering Communities Fund, this project aimed to increase confidence, pride and employability skills amongst people who are currently economically inactive in a post covid world.  In Finding Our Feet, Edgelands offered a program of 21 creative arts based life skills workshops between 26th April and 23rd June 2022. The aims of the workshops were to;

  • Encourage social interactions after sustained periods of isolation due to COVID restrictions.

  • Increase confidence in exchanging ideas and expressing yourself

  • Use the outdoor locations and histories of Airedale and Ferry Fryston as a starting point for cultural engagement and increased sense of community belonging.


Using photography, sound recording, singing and breathing for lung health, silk painting, wire sculpture, poetry and creative conversations we worked with people who were socially prescribed to the project, those in recovery from addiction and people living with mental health conditions, at Tieve Tara Medical Centre in Ferry Fryston, Fryston Country Trails and Reflections House. Work from the project will be displayed at local community events over the summer.

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This project is part-funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund

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