Selby 950 Parade

A walking parade that told the story of St Benedict's epic journey from France to Selby (via Salisbury) carrying a relic of St Germain (his finger!) to build an Abbey where he saw three swans in alignment on the river bank ... 950 years ago.

The Parade set off from Selby Community centre at 11am and included a giant Benedict Puppet, a replica Abbey, two choirs singing new music written for the event. A junk orchestra of miners, three beautiful swan puppets and ballerinas; rugby playing monks; giant willow ships with French and English sailors; farmers and flower girls; along with local groups showcasing their work to spectators. It arrived at Market Place in front of Selby Abbey at 11.45 where spectators were told the story of St Benedict and St Germaine's finger.  In 2020, Selby 950 won Bronze in the Arts & Culture Category at the White Rose Awards, awarded by Welcome to Yorkshire

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Selby 950 parade swans by Edgelands Arts