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Victoria Shopping Centre Coronation Celebration

St Peters School coronation art-30.jpg
St Peters School coronation art-1.jpg
St Peters School coronation art-42.jpg

To celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, The Victoria Shopping Centre in Harrogate asked Edgelands Arts to work with a local school to create an exhibition of Crowns!

Artists Tony Wade and Helen Thomas visited St Peters CofE school in Harrogate to deliver a day-long workshop creating individual crowns.

Each crown was a unique piece, designed by the pupils, they designed and built their own crowns reflecting their interests, priorities and hopes for the future.  Some also showed topics that the pupils think the new King should be interested in.

Tony Wade then created a vibrant and interesting display of crowns which were displayed in the Victoria Shopping Centre in time for the coronation. After the exhibition was complete, the children were able to keep their crowns to take home.  

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