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Board of Trustees

Julie Connolly (Trustee - Chair)

Julie is has worked in senior leadership roles for over 20 years, firstly in banking and now in personal finance.  Julie has held many non-exec director positions including chairing the board of Faceless Arts 2014-2017.  Julie is  passionate about helping people to be all they want to be/achieve, and feels that Edgelands Arts helps people to do this through the arts by helping communities come together to deal with social issues and achieve more / understand their neighbours..

Erin Braithwaite (Trustee - Acting Vice Chair / Arts Education Specialist)

Besides volunteering as a trustee on the boad of Edgelands Arts, Erin  presently works as Associate Director of Arts at Outwood Grange Academy Trust, is on the board of Tell Tale Hearts Childrens Theatre Company and was on the board of Faceless Arts from 2003 to 2017.  Prior to which Erin  was head of Performing Arts at Thomas Rotherham College.  Erin has an MA in Theatre from Chester University and a BA in Theatre Arts from Bretton Hall

Robin Owen-Morley (Trustee / Finance Specialist)

Recently retired as Head of Management Information at Leeds and Holbeck Building Society,, Robin presently volunteers for Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Edgelands Arts and likes to apply financial management and data analysis skills to supporting the work of charities,particularly in the arts.

Stephen Foster (Trustee / Community Education Specialist)

Having retired in 2017, Stephen led on arts college and community development as Assistant Principal of Hemsworth Arts and Community College for 34 years.  Stephen was also a member of Faceless Arts' board from 2011 to 2017.

On 31 March 2017, Faceless Arts closed its doors, celebrating a quarter of a century of inspirational arts experiences, provided free at the point of delivery, to approximately 40,000 people each year. 


On 26 July 2017, Tony, Charlie and Bev began the continuation of their long standing artistic collaboration through Edgelands Arts.

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