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Silk Painting by Jodie Hawkins and Edgelands Arts
Silk Painting of 72-74 Westgate by Helen Wilby and Edgelands Arts

Look Up Westgate is a project led by Edgelands Arts on behalf of the Westgate Heritage Action Zone. Funded by Wakefield Council and Historic England

Communities from across the Westgate area have worked with Edgelands Arts to create images of buildings along the street. have been turned into a series of coasters and vinyl window stickers, showing interesting architectural or historic features on the buildings. The coasters can be collected in various locations on Westgate and the immediate vicinity and if you collect all of them, you will find two more buildings to enjoy. 

The project encourages participants to look up and find the beauty in the street as they travel along its length. When you scan the QR code at the bottom of each coaster or to the side of each vinyl, you will be brought to this online booklet, where you can find historic information about the buildings, living history memories, or architectural facts.

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