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Thanks to funding from Wakefield Council's Made in Wakefield Creative Grant Scheme, Artists Bev Adams and Charlie Wells worked with sculptor Jim Bond to research and develop LuminArt, a new light puppet, walkabout performance in 2022. 

Inspired by line drawings created by children, or artists like Picasso and Matisse, LuminArt is a new illuminated puppet performance specifically for outdoor ‘afterdark’ events, which uses clever electronic circuitry to transform coloured led rope lights into giant light puppets that appear and disappear magically during events. 


Using simple lines, geometric shapes and a unique electronic soundtrack, each puppet will morph in front of the audience's eyes to tell playful stories of caring for each other, nurturing nature and harnessing natural elements of water, sun and wind for recreation and play.

Alongside the creation of the puppet, rehearsals and performances, Charlie and Bev also delivered workshops with children in two schools in Wakefield exploring puppetry and telling stories of climate change using light and shadow.

Luminart by Charlie Wells Excerpt 1Artist Name
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