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Covid-19 Funding

During 2020, Edgelands Arts gratefully received funding from from a variety of sources, including Emergency Funds from Arts Council England, Wakefield Council, The Arthouse and Digital Resilience Vouchers from the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership to help us survive the unprecedented times we found ourselves in. The funding was designed to give us time, and space to work out new ways of working in a post-Covid world, and to pay our core freelance team, Bev, Charlie and Tony, one day each week​ to find new ways of engaging with our participants in a world of social distancing and frequent lockdowns

During 2019, we had delivered a fantastic year of projects, including amongst other things, 4 parades with thousands of participants, and in April 2020 our hopes of another Summer of Festivals creating colourful community projects all came to an abrupt halt with the first lockdown in March. But we don't stand still for long.  The funding enabled us to plan for the future and build our resilience as a company working on the edges of communities everywhere. This is evidenced by our new work on the Heritage Action Zone in Wakefield and in the projects which are due to relaunch in early 2021.

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